If you have been exercising more than normal during the quarantine period and experienced blisters here’s what you need to know…

Although moisture from sweating, heat, friction or rubbing can contribute to their formation.

Most often, blisters are caused by SHEAR?

So, what is SHEAR?

Shear forces cause the skin to stretch over a joint or bone beyond the elastic capacity of the skin.

This causes small tears to occur under the skins surface and fluid to fill-up the injured area. This increased pressure and injury is what you experience as pain when you have a blister.

When you walk or run the bones in your foot move forward relative to the skin causing excessive shear = blister.

If you are wearing shoes which are too big or too small you may have repeated irritation on a small area which in turn causes the structures to become weakened and blisters to form.

You may have a bony lump over a joint which is where a blisters may form quicker.

What to do if you get a blister

Do not be tempted to pop it!

Instead, clean the area daily and apply a clean dry dressing to protect it, until it naturally bursts.

If you experience undue pain you must contact your podiatrist who can assist and safely drain, cleanse and protect the blister.

Lastly, work out why you got the blister in the first place and look to stop it happening again.

It could be ill-fitting footwear, socks or an in-shoe device (orthoses), sweating or a bony protrusion.

There are many products on the market to prevent the sheer forces you may experience when going for a walk or run, such as creams, tapes, socks and dressings. It’s important to try different products until you find what works best for you.

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