Questions, Questions, Questions?

When you first walk into a podiatry clinic it can be daunting: 

Where do you to sit?

What do you say?

Should I prepare my feet?

Do I bring all my shoes? – All 40 pairs!

Do I need a GP referral?

On Arrival

Let me start by saying, to receive private podiatry treatment in the UK you do not need a GP referral but you may need one for NHS Podiatry.

You don’t need to suffer with a medical condition or have mobility problems to benefit from podiatry treatment.

We are here to help children and adults of all ages. We check the general health of your feet and tell you what we see (we may perform additional vascular and neurological checks).

When you walk through our door, take a seat and relax. Bring along a list of medication with you and let the podiatrist know if you have any allergies. You don’t need to bring all your shoes, but wear your normal shoes so we can check them over if necessary.

We don’t judge you on your choice, but if you’d like our advice we are here to give it.

If you are attending a biomechanical foot pain assessment, it’s a good idea to wear loose trousers or shorts (or bring some with you) so we can assess your lower limbs. It would be great if you could wash your feet prior to attending, but we are used to seeing people at the end of their busy working day. We have seen it all!

It is always best if you do not moisturise your feet, we would like to assess them as they are.

What happens during a treatment?

We cut & file your toenails and reduce any thickened nails so your feet look and feel better. As Podiatrists we are concerned with infection control so only use a single use sterile scalpel blade to remove hard skin and corns then file to give you the smoothest skin that you’ve ever had! We finish by applying a nourishing treatment oil and luxurious foot cream into your feet.

What about long-term?

We provide advice and recommend a specific treatment plan ensuring the best care for your feet at home. Patients who prefer to be seen annually, are as equally welcome as those who attend every 6-8 weeks for maintenance.

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