If you’ve ever wondered how to access Podiatry & Chiropody treatments at home read on…

At Care for Feet we understand not everyone will be able to visit our clinic for essential foot care, that’s why we offer home visits in the surrounding areas of each practice. This means you can access professional podiatry in North Derbyshire, Hope Valley and the High Peak. Home visits are available to patients who are housebound due to immobility, illness or for those who find it difficult getting into clinic.

A typical home visit appointment usually lasts 30 minutes including the assessment and treatment.

When you choose Care for Feet you can be assured of the highest clinical standards by each podiatrist. We are well equipped to provide a full range of clinical treatments in the comfort of your own home.

How to prepare for a home visit

  1. Ensure you are at home for your appointment, you will be charged (up to the full cost of the treatment) if you are out
  2. Make sure we can access your property safely, and if necessary provide us with your key code
  3. If you live in a rural location please provide clear, detailed travel directions
  4. Keep pets away from the room we are providing treatment whilst we are there
  5. Have a list of current medications available, we will need to complete a medical history form prior to treatment
  6. Ensure your room is well lit with safe access to treat
  7. We bring all items we require; couch roll, gloves, apron, sterilised instruments, drill to reduce thickened nails, a foot file, dressings and foot cream.
  8. It is advisable to wear socks and slippers/shoes which can be easily removed for your podiatry appointment
  9. Payment is made at the end of each treatment session either by cash or credit/debit card
  10. We are registered with most major insurance companies and all podiatrists at Care for Feet are registered with the HCPC. Check with your insurer prior to treatment for clarity
  11. We always aim to be on time but travel disruptions can sometimes mean we may be late. If we are going to be more than 15 minutes late we will always call you to let you know
  12. Appointments are offered around clinical hours from early afternoon. We try to accommodate your preferences where we can

Booking on behalf of someone else?

  • If you are wanting to book a home visit for an elderly friend or family member you can pay by BACs for their treatment
  • If booking on behalf of a patient it is important that access is discussed and agreed prior to our visit
  • If they are in a residential / nursing home please ensure you have confirmed the appointment with the relevant staff members of our intended visit to avoid conflict with their existing timetable
  • We can usually offer appointments within 48 hours to accommodate emergency treatment where necessary.

Why choose Care for Feet?

We could sit here all day telling you how fabulous we are, but you don’t have to take our word for it, here are a few testimonials from some of our valued patients:

“Jo is most welcome in our house, we look forward to her company!”

“Excellent Service!”

“Excellent Treatment, very professional and informative, would highly recommend”

“Thanks to Maddy for the wonderful treatment”

“…professional, caring and knowledgeable…”

“Absolutely wonderful service!”

All podiatrists working at Care for Feet offer home visits which are allocated in their normal working week.

To book a home visit telephone 01298 937921 or 01629 259672.