Taken with permission from fellow Podiatrist Robert Isaacs.

“The lesions (visible in the photographs) are caused by Covid-19…

A proportion of people, particularly children, get distinctive reddish / purplish lesions, usually on their feet or hands, as a symptom of covid 19.

They look a bit like chilblains, but without the itching.

Adults can get this too, although it seems they may be more likely to get them on the trunk.

These can be an early symptom of the infection so if your offspring presents with such lesions, and there is no other explanation (insect bite, previous history of chilblains etc) you should consider this a symptom of covid-19 and consider Isolating.

You can treat them with a topical steroid cream (something like HC45) and apparently they usually heal without scarring or skin marking.

So not something to worry about, but definitely something to notice.”

Thanks to the researchers who made these images available, Belinda Longhurst and Robert Isaacs.

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